What is Echelon

The Ikara Echelon Advantage

The Ikara Echelon platform establishes benchmarks and parameters for all digital activities.

  • Measures performance against contracted systems guarantees.
  • Monitor digital systems and service levels by suppliers.
  • Identify end-user issues at the source.
  • Automate alerts to suppliers who can then resolve issues swiftly.
  • Minimise the financial impact on the business.
  • Provides transparency into operations.
  • Allows decisive action to identify fault allowing swift repair and improved performance.

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Ikara Echelon Features


Echelon provides a unique customisable Dashboard for instant access to the performance and metrics you require.

  • Customisable dashboard.
  • Instantly view the health & performance of your IT systems.
  • Understand the metrics behind your user experience.
  • View your service provider performance.
  • Simple daily or weekly visuals.

Business Objectives

Ikara Echelon focuses your objectives as a business first, and relates performance to how your IT systems support those key business objectives.

  • Setup specific objectives for your business.
  • Turn digital experiences into measurable KPI’s.
  • Measure objectives against your contracts.
  • Unique business objective reporting.

Services Map

View your entire digital operation across all applications and geographical locations.

  • View a map of your systems and their performance.
  • View service- state by location.
  • Colour coded system alerts.


Our powerful reporting tool allows key technical personnel to be instantly informed the moment systems are heading toward degraded performance.

  • Alerts are instantly initiated via a RACI. (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed) model.
  • Reports are available on specific applications, geographical locations, and service providers.
  • View KPI and SLA rich data.


Supply contracts have a whole new meaning in Ikara Echelon. Your IT contracts come alive through digitising your contracts and leveraging our unique reporting engine.

  • Real-time updates from each service provider.
  • Monitor performance and deviations from agreed baselines of service providers.
  • Measure outcomes of contract performance.
  • Creating full transparency of service providers.
  • Service providers will see the same information.


Creating a symbiotic relationship with technology partners has never been easier.

  • Load your technology providers and lock in the agreed KPI’s and baselines of agreed performance.
  • Any deviation from these agreed KPI’s of partners will trigger alerts across the system.
  • Provides you the most timely and relevant data to assure you of optimal performance at all times.
  • Resolve issues faster with our automated alerting system.


Empower your technical teams with detailed data to easily identify root causes.

  • Quickly get to the root causes of system incidents.
  • Reduce costs of incident investigations and downtime.
  • Ingest data from any tool using Rest API’s.
  • Identify end-user issues at the source.


Events are the capture point for all source data we curate from all reporting tools and tests performed at the edge.

  • Generates poor performance metrics.
  • View available standards.
  • Filter data quickly for user experience.

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The Ikara Echelon platform can be deployed across any business, in any sector. 

Ikara is working with new organisations through its partners, across:

and Defence

Health and

Mining and

Retail and

Telco & Media

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