Ensuring Digital Government Success

Digital is transforming government at all levels – providing operational efficiencies and new levels of constituent engagement.  As agencies look to modernize their IT environments, the end user experience has become a key focus in digital government success

Complete Visibility

 The New Challenge for Government


At all levels of Government your constituents expect fast, secure and seamless services that are on par with any other digital experience they have. And with 24 x 7 access to traditional and social media, they’re very vocal about anything substandard that they may see as a misuse of funds.

However, delivering a digital solution that meets constituent expectations but adheres to strict compliance, privacy and regulatory obligations along with budgetary constraints is no easy feat and has resulted in a myriad of legacy systems, modern cloud applications and bespoke integrations often with no clear boundaries or ownership.

To truly deliver the experience your constituents expect you need full visibility across the entire IT ecosystem, whether it’s managed internally or externally. And what’s more you need the performance data of each of those individual elements to find and fix faults fast and hold your providers accountable.

Be The First to Know

With Ikara we enable that visibility regardless of platform or provider. We work with your team to understand the core services your employees and constituents rely on and present a map of the true health of all integrations so you can see where your focus needs to be.

Ikara’s Echelon platform translates hundreds of SLA measurements from complex multi-vendor operating environments into a meaningful view of system performance. By mapping the digital operations that directly impact your ability to meet your responsibilities, you can have confidence that you, your staff, or your solution partners, will be informed of any non-conforming activity or events.


Understand your digital operation by overlaying technology metrics with your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Develop baselines that show the status of your services in real-time.


Align your business, technology teams, services providers, and vendors with clear objectives. Set clear accountability with metrics based on constituent service levels and satisfaction.


Transform and develop your digital operation with continuous measurable and reportable improvements. Ikara inspires confidence within the business to support future investment.