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Partnerships are the cornerstone of Ikara’s business. They facilitate the most effective and value-driven deployment of our flagship product, the Ikara Echelon platform.

We work with three main groups of partners to bring the Echelon system to end customers—Network Service Providers, Systems Integrators and Software as a Service (SAAS) Providers.

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Saved $28 million (USD) in contract spend over seven years

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Reduced Priority One events by 60%

Network Service Providers

Network operators including telecommunications networks, data centre providers and internet service providers are breaking down traditional, closed networking systems and embracing a collection of best-of-breed solutions for their customers.

This has come at a time when top line revenue as well as margins are falling across the sector and NSPs are increasingly moving up the services value chain.

Echelon gives NSPs a single view of their customers multiple network elements as well as all their ICT systems, alerting them to critical real time performance. This allows them to adjust elements in the networks.

It also allows the NSPs themselves to enhance their efficiency and profitability.

Systems Integrators

Systems integrators are under pressure to rein in rising delivery costs driven by the increasing complexity of their customers ICT systems. To provide more efficient, less time-consuming customer service they need to be able to identify the systems elements that are slowing systems and causing outages

With their services increasingly seen as a commodity, SIs need to align their value to transaction stakes and business workflows.

SI’s can also gain value from Echelon internally as it enables them to enhance their efficiency and profitability.

Software as a Service (SAAS) Providers

SaaS providers are only one part of a digital supply chain and their success in building a critical mass of customers fundamentally relies on customer experience. If the application doesn’t work well particularly with a new audience, this will disrupt customer acquisition.

Access to an application in the cloud is dependent on the internet. As SaaS providers expand and deploy their applications into other markets it is critical that they understand whether any problems are theirs or in the network.

The Echelon system allows SaaS providers to explain the context of their customer’s experience to them.

Partner With Us

At Ikara we are focused on the success of our partners so please contact us to find out how you can provide our cutting edge system and dashboard to your clients.

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