Our focus on tackling cloud complexity

As customer expectations accelerate digital transformation efforts across all industries, we’re also seeing increased demand for transparency when things go wrong. Yet as many organisations are quickly discovering, cloud complexity makes accurately pinpointing where the problem lies across a growing service delivery chain increasingly difficult. In a recent study by Deloitte, 47% of C-Suite executives cited cloud complexity as “the factor that will have the most negative impact on cloud computing’s ROI over the next five years.”

In March we saw firsthand the media and public outcry when 100,000 Australians found themselves suddenly unemployed and unable to access Centrelink services. And while the RBA announced in December that Banks need to clearly outline digital failures, their IT teams, like many enterprises, are dealing with vastly complex IT infrastructures, hybrid cloud environments, various telco providers, users on a growing list of mobile device types, IOT access points, multiple operating systems… the list goes on. So how do you protect your brand and ensure your providers are meeting their SLAs rather than damaging your brand.

A Combined View

This is the challenge we at Ikara Group have been working on as we collate and simplify the data that flows across enterprise digital ecosystems. With our Echelon platform we combine data from network infrastructure, with environmental and application specific insights and emulated user interactions to provide a previously unseen view across the entire service delivery chain. Looking at this holistic picture alongside business defined SLAs we can clearly identify the responsible party regardless of where they sit in the delivery chain in a way users haven’t seen before.

Mind The Gap

And while we’ve been focused on Availability Assurance for a number of years, this innovation has never been as important as right now. With Covid-19, social distancing measures, like remote working, school closures and distance learning have driven us on to the Internet more than ever before and the unprecedented demand for a range of digital services has highlighted just how many companies aren’t set up for this type of pressure.
The speed with which companies have had to adapt to current circumstances has highlighted a huge gap in current monitoring processes that are confined to individual technology sets, departments and teams. Getting a complete view of the customer journey in today’s digital landscape requires visibility across seemingly disparate sources and we’re seeing even more of a need to align technical insights from multiple internal and external systems.

A Leadership Perspective

Leaders need the full picture and an understanding of what multiple data points mean to guide them through uncharted territory, rather than a hypothesis based on a single perspective. By looking at this data as a whole Ikara Echelon is able to avoid incorrect assumptions and clearly identify areas responsible for any failure or degradation.
When combined together these individual elements can form a single contiguous perspective of hot spots. These can then be presented not just as metrics but also identify how a business is performing and which areas and parties are ultimately responsible.

Where to From Here

IT teams and leaders are facing ever-increasing strain to triage and resolve incidents as they arise, to ensure they are able to serve their customers. Rather than shy away from the challenge, the most astute brands and organisations will build in the necessary operational resilience and reporting frameworks. With such a universal pivot to digital operating models the reliance on shared visibility for Service Assurance and overall business success has never been greater.

Ikara provides enterprise and government organisations full digital visibility regardless of platform or provider. We work to understand the core services your employees and customers rely on and present a map of the true health of all integrations so you can see where your focus needs to be.

Ikara’s Echelon platform translates hundreds of SLA measurements from complex multi-vendor operating environments into a meaningful view of system performance. By mapping the digital operations that directly impact your ability to meet your responsibilities, you can have confidence that you, your staff, or your solution partners, will be informed of any non-conforming activity or events.

The solution is Echelon

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