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Today’s hybrid multi-cloud architectures unite applications, systems, networks, and platforms into an operations environment that delivers exceptional customer experiences.

Metrics that deliver customer value and save your job

You only need to look at the list of whitepapers available from various cloud providers, CDNs, and SaaS solution vendors to know security and compliance is becoming more complicated as these technologies gain traction in the engine rooms of digital transformation. The key to reducing this complexity is to close the loop on the ‘technical’ vs. ‘business’ debate by providing business leaders with better tools to monitor their technical systems. Not with arcane measurements of bits and bytes, but with an added layer of context that reflects the established compliance policies of the organization.

Our focus on tackling cloud complexity

As digital transformation efforts accelerate, there’s increased demand for transparency when things go wrong. But as many organisations are quickly discovering, accurately pinpointing where the problem lies across a growing service delivery chain is increasingly difficult.

Global mining giant cuts through cloud complexity and refines digital performance with Ikara Echelon

One of Australia’s leading mining and metals companies with operations in multiple continents has been driving double digit productivity gains by utilising technology. However, decentralisation of business processes and application migration to the cloud, created visibility and transparency issues for the IT team. Needing to understand the full application journey and all the seemingly disparate systems and providers which underpin their critical business services, they turned to Ikara.

PanAust Case Study

With over 3,400 staff across five countries, team productivity and connectivity are key to PanAust success. The PanAust IT team partnered with Ikara to define business processes that impact on internal users and identify the associated technology and services providers responsible.