Ikara Philosophy

Ikara means ‘Meeting Place’ in Wilpena

We believe that the difference between success and failure in complex digital operations or projects is people, not technology.  Bringing all parties together is key to achieving sustainable and measurable digital transformation.

Ikara Echelon is a meeting place where everyone can speak the same language.

2 X Impact Events

From 2017 the Financial Services Industry has had 2 X the amount of events impacting service and taken 33% longer to resolve.
Source RBA October 2019


Projects struggling to achieve business outcomes
Source IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Digital Transformation 2019 Predictions

About Ikara


Ikara empowers senior managers for enterprise businesses and government organisations managing complex digital operations to align the business, its technology teams, vendors, and service providers in a single, data-driven focus on the business’ objectives.

Echelon also allows technical teams to speak to the business in a language that C-suite executives and business people understand.

Ikara Echelon


The Ikara Echelon platform is the core of Ikara service.  It leverages data from across the business to create the meeting place for business objectives and stakeholders.

Business leaders from any discipline or technical understanding use Ikara Echelon to maintain a baseline of good performance and dissolve the digital boundaries that impact customer experience.

Why Choose Ikara?

Ikara leadership, consultants and partners have proven commercial acumen and deep technical understanding in complex networks with a focus on collaboration.  No single technology or solution can provide sustainable business transformation without prioritizing each of these key skills.  Ikara is also vendor and technology agnostic.


Reuben Bennett

Reuben Bennett

CEO and Director

For 25 years, Reuben has seen first-hand the frustration that managers experience to understand their current business performance when technology underpins so much of their operation.

Ross Hamilton

Ross Hamilton

WA General Manager and Director

For more than 20 years, Ross has helped the C-suite in Australia’s leading companies to leverage the latest technology, allowing them to stay competitive in fast-moving markets.

Mike Hicks

Mike Hicks

Director of Product Development

A global author and expert in Application Performance Management, Mike supported complex networks in EMEA and APAC before transitioning to global product development.