Traditions were never meant to be forgotten

To the Adnyamanthanha people, the word Ikara means “Meeting Place”.
At Ikara, our Echelon SaaS platform optimised the time proven tradition of communicating in the Meeting Place.

Echelon is the New SAAS Platform that creates a Digital Meeting Place for all Customer’s, Vendor’s and Service Provider’s Data, to allow transparent communication that provides the most Optimal Performance for all your Digital Transformation initiatives, every single time!

Communicate Digital Simplicity

About/Why Ikara

Ikara Philosophy

Ikara means ‘Meeting Place’ in Wilpena

We believe that the difference between success and failure in complex digital operations or projects is shared visibility. Bringing all parties together is key to achieving sustainable and measurable digital transformation. Ikara Echelon is a meeting place where everyone can speak the same language.

Wilpena Pound is a natural amphitheatre of mountains located north of Adelaide, South Australia, in the heart of the Flinders Ranges National Park.

Then traditional owners of the land, the Adnyamathanha people translate the word Wilpena as Ikara meaning “Meeting Place”.

We are the Service Assurance Meeting Place where Customers and Partners share performance data to grow trusted service relationships.

Wilpena Pound

Your Digital Clarity Awaits

Customers and staff expect fast, secure and seamless digital experiences but the true health of digital performance is often lost beneath a maze of metrics and siloed areas of data and responsibility. For enterprise organisations delivering a digital solution that meets expectations often results in a myriad of legacy systems, modern cloud applications and bespoke integrations with no clear boundaries or ownership.

It’s time to get your data together.

Ensuring Digital Success

To truly deliver the experience your customers expect you need visibility across the entire IT ecosystem whether managed internally or externally. You need to align your IT teams, vendors and service providers with a clear view of what’s important to your business. Ikara Echelon is the first independent Platform that allows shared data between the customer, service provider and technology partner.

Why Choose Ikara?

Ikara leadership, consultants and partners have proven commercial acumen and deep technical understanding in complex application delivery with a focus on collaboration. No single technology or solution can provide sustainable business transformation without prioritizing each of these key skills. Experts in helping customers choose the right blend of tool sets and keeping them current, Ikara are vendor and technology agnostic.

The Ikara Difference

Ikara Echelon combines and translates hundreds of measurements from complex multi-vendor operating environments into a meaningful view of system performance. We work with your team to understand the core services your employees and customers rely on, your KPI’s and Service Level agreements, then leverage our Echelon platform to collate a picture of the true health of your digital offerings.

By mapping the digital operations directly impacting your ability to meet your responsibilities you can have confidence your staff and your solution partners, know what a great experience looks like and will be informed of any nonconforming events.