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Ikara Echelon combines and translates hundreds of measurements from complex multi-vendor operating environments into a meaningful view of system performance for your technical and business teams, vendors and service providers.

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Be deliberate about the Customer Experience you provide

As enterprises move their digital operations to the cloud, they are realising there are complexities that are ever increasing. In fact, in a recent Deloitte CIO survey, 47% of CIOs cited Cloud complexity as the factor that will have the most negative impact on Cloud Computing ROI over the next 5 years.

What are these complexities? Shouldn’t moving to the cloud be easier?

Most companies have a legacy of technology systems that look more like spaghetti rather than a logical array of servers, routers and applications that have been planned with Customer Experience in mind,.

In order to expect great customer experience with digital transformation, you must know what you want at the beginning and work backwards. To this point, rarely do companies Baseline thier current state and then improve the outcomes in a linear fashion. Multiple Vendors or Suppliers make this issue even more ambiguous because when things go wrong, all partners point to each other accusing fault.

Additionally, contract promises are rarely measured in any meaningful way, providing limited data for companies to use to continually improve outcomes for IT performance with sup[pliers.

Now for the first time, Ikara’s Echelon Saas Platform removes this complexity when transforming digital operations to the cloud ,and importantly, makes Relations with Service Providers and absolute pleasure, every single time. Why because the experience of using the technology is above expectations. Everything just works. And if things faulter, all relevant partiers are instantly notified detailed who, what and why. The Customer experience is back on track instantly. Imagine getting the perfect Customer Experience Outcome always?

Communicate Digital Simplicity

Simplicity is a goal all organisations aspire to. Yet as enterprise organisations embrace cloud technology, they are actually facing increased complexity which leads to common challenges:

Confusion around SLA, KPI and Service Warrantee

Performance issues lost within a maze of metrics and silos

Difficulty getting multiple vendors to work together


Your Digital Data Clarity Awaits

For enterprise organisations delivering a digital solution that meets customer expectations has resulted in a myriad of legacy systems, modern cloud applications and bespoke integrations often with no clear boundaries or ownership. It’s time to get your data together.

Your Digital Data Clarity Awaits

Ensure Digital Success with Ikara Echelon

Gain actionable insights across an increasingly complex delivery chain


  • Maximise IT investment and combine data from existing toolsets into a single pane of glass
  • See all services affecting your core applications – even the components outside your control
  • Turn technical metrics into insights about applications which impact your business objectives

Align your IT teams, vendors and service providers to a shared view of what’s important to your business


  • Build a culture of data-driven innovation between your internal technology teams, vendors and consultants
  • Capture a single view of your internal and external service ecology to see the true health of your core applications across the entire delivery chain
  • Drive accountability throughout your digital ecology using real-time alerts and automated notifications when system events begin to impact business outcomes

Drive measurable Service Assurance with your service providers and across your teams


  • End the blame game by having the full picture of multiple data points tied into your agreed SLA’s, rather than a hypothesis based on different perspectives
  • Establish performance baselines, set industry best practice targets and track your operation to meet these targets
  • Compare alternative providers based on baselines and actual measured performance

Bring your data together with


Customers and staff expect fast, secure and seamless digital experiences but the true health of digital performance is often lost beneath a maze of metrics and siloed areas of data and responsibility. For enterprise organisations delivering a digital solution that meets expectations often results in a myriad of legacy systems, modern cloud applications and bespoke integrations with no clear boundaries or ownership.

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